Video Inspection and Line Locating

In order to accurately assess the cause of a clog and determine the best course of action to remove it, our technicians will begin by conducting a visual inspection of sewer lines using a high-tech drain camera. Our flexible camera can easily travel through twists and turns in sewer lines, transmitting video footage in real-time so that any issues can be assessed immediately and will remain in place while we clean out obstructions to confirm that all issues have been resolved once complete. Video inspections can also assist us in determining the location and depth of your sewer lines without having to excavate your property.

These inspections can also be a useful form of preventative maintenance when moving into an older home, allowing you to assess the current condition of sewer lines, or a newly-built home to ensure no construction debris is present and that no damage has occurred during the building process.

Line Locating is the process of identifying and marking underground utilities.  We utilize industry leading electromagnetic trace and locate equipment to accurately map and mark underground pipes, cables, or ducts.